Fungal Nails

Toenail fungus is caused by fungal organisms gaining access to the nail plate. Onychomycosis (the medical name forĀ nail fungus) are most commonly caused by organisms such as Trichophyton Rubrum, Candida Albicans and moulds such as Scopulariopsis Brevicaulis and Fusarium species.
It results in a yellowish discoloration of the nail plate which slowly over time worsens and it will slowly spread from nail to nail over a long period.

Treatments include Oral Lamisil, however this has severe side effects mainly on the liver, topical treatments include Loceryl. Loceryl may work for you however you should talk to us before commencing this medication.

The latest and most promising form of treatment is by using laser to destroy the nail fungus in the nail plate, over time the nail will grow out clear of toenail fungus.

Hampton Podiatry was the 3rd clinic in the world to use the Erchonia Lunula Laser to treat nail fungus. This is a cold laser so it causes the patient NO pain. Large scale clinical trials have been conducted using this laser results of these trials resulted in an 80% clearance rate.

If you suffer from this condition give us a call and let us assess whether you are a suitable candidate for Laser fungal toenail treatment. The treatment usually involves 4 treatments at weekly intervals this laser treats all 10 toes. The cost is $160 per treatment.